WTTC sets up recovery Task Force in wake of Hurricane Dorian to promote tourism in The Bahamas

The thoughts of the Members and staff at the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) are with those who have been affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands.

In response, WTTC has established a Task Force to bring together the public and private sectors to provide long-term assistance.

Gloria Guevara, President & CEO, WTTC said: “On behalf of the World Travel & Tourism Council and the wider family of tourists and travellers around the world, I would like to send a message of condolence to all those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Travel & Tourism plays such an important role in the economy of the Bahamas so we empathise with the enormous challenge the Government has managing the crisis and the inevitable aftermath but hope that the resilient nature of our sector will support a rapid recovery for The Bahamas.

“Travel & Tourism is a vital part of the lifeblood of the Bahamas – our sector accounts for 48% of all jobs and 40% of the total economy – so we have an urgent need to help manage the short-term effects of Dorian and mitigate its long-term impact. 

“To help with the recovery, WTTC has established a Recovery Network Task Force to facilitate the exchange of information, coordinate recovery efforts across the private sector, while strengthening cooperation with the public sector and travellers. We will be encouraging our Member companies to help with the immediate relief effort and to provide assistance through the Government-established channels.

“I echo the statement of the Government of The Bahamas in urging people to continue visiting the Bahamian islands that were not impacted by Hurricane Dorian as this will help provide vital economic assistance to the local economies and their people. The Bahamas capital of Nassau and many neighbouring islands are open to tourists. The airport and port in Nassau are open as are hotels in Nassau and Paradise Island. Most of the islands are open for business and we urge people to make their travel decisions based on the most up-to-date and accurate information. 

“Travel & Tourism is a hugely resilient sector and we pledge to play our part in re-establishing this crucial economic sector in one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations.”

To get more information about the hurricane relief effort or make a donation, please visit https://www.bahamas.com/relief. You will find a list of trusted donors that have been vetted and approved by the Bahamas Government as well as a list of items that are needed urgently by those affected by the hurricane.