Security & Travel Facilitation

Security & Travel Facilitation

Technological advances, enhanced mobility and more affordable travel have enabled an unprecedented rise in the number of travellers over the past few decades. Today, more than 1.5 billion people cross borders for business or leisure, with billions more travelling domestically every year.

At the same time, increasing political risks and geopolitical instability require more stringent security checks and processes, putting pressure on often outdated systems which are already strained.

WTTC’s work in this area demonstrates that improved visa facilitation and the deployment of innovative technologies, such as biometrics, can continue to drive economic growth and job creation, while addressing security concerns to ensure that travel is safe, secure and seamless.

WTTC Security & Travel Initiative

Seamless Traveller Journey

To address challenges associated with growing traveller numbers and heightened security concerns, WTTC is convening stakeholders from the public and private sectors to come up with innovative solutions that facilitate safe, secure and seamless travel.

The ultimate goal is to achieve an end-to-end Seamless Traveller Journey facilitated by the implementation of biometrics across the entire travel process. This will mean that travellers no longer need to present travel documentation multiple times across their journey. Instead, they can book transport, request visas, check-in, clear security, board a plane, collect baggage, cross borders, rent a car, check-in and out of hotels, all by simply confirming their identity and booking data.

If you would like more information on the Seamless Traveller Journey initiative, contact Jeff Poole

Visa Facilitation

While millions of travellers cross borders every year without the need for traditional paper visas, millions more still find their travel plans restricted by complicated application processes and paperwork. Huge strides have been made in travel facilitation over the past decade, yet traditional visa policies remain an obstacle to both tourism and economic growth.

This barrier can, however, become an opportunity for growth and job creation for destinations around the world through the implementation of progressive approaches to travel facilitation and new technologies to aid the implementation of new, more efficient visa policies.

WTTC’s research highlights the benefits of visa facilitation in terms of increases in international arrivals as well as job creation.